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Luxis Curl Hair is a naturally soft, smooth and great textured curly human hair weave.
Our Luxis Curl like every of our hairs is made of hairs that are selectively sourced by Hair Nigeria to give you great quality and natural looking curly human hair.
Luxis Curly is a beautiful hair that meet up with all your hair desire for that celebrity human hair look and has natural radiance that makes you stand out from the crowd.
It gives you healthier & bouncier look, it retains curls and is very durable. Above all, it is affordable and gives you great value for your money. 100% human hair
Tangle and shed free
Quality and saves you a whole a lot of money
Natural human hair shine
It retains curls
Long lasting usage
Cuticles are intact and in one direction
Premium quality selected hairs
Bleachable, soft and smooth
Gives you a very full hair to tip